Artist Gal Artzi was born in 1992 in Moshav Givati, on the coastal plain in Israel. He showed an interest in art and aesthetics from an early age. He used to draw and paint, and his love for the beauty, warmth, and energy found in nature can be detected in his early works.
When Artzi was 22 years old he discovered his love for glass; “Glass is an ancient and multidimensional raw material that brings colors to life and plays with light and shadow, transparency and clarity and endless combinations of variations”.
Over the years Artzi has conducted many experiments in glass. The search for the amorphic and natural flow converged to using materials such as iron and aluminum meshes that first formed a mold for the glass and later became works in their own right.
Artzi’s works express nature in all its glory; wild vegetation, the depths of the sea, vast green spaces, and powerful skies are the basis of his works. Sometimes nature is represented as is, and sometimes it escapes to the whimsical world of Artzi’s imagination.

Artzi’s artistic approach is abstract, naive, and sometimes even fanciful. His works represent the contrast between his ideal childhood in the Moshav and the complex Israeli reality and between sharp, hard materials and naive performances that were taken as if from a fantasy.
“Dozens of times I injured myself when touching the sharp glass and iron, but the danger attracted me. Many nights I studied the glass and developed a relationship with it. It felt like training a wild beast, continuously trying to tame it and not letting it break me. Maybe it was the subconscious that led me to materials that are difficult to train”



In 2015, Gal Artzi established a workshop on his family farm, the landscape of his childhood. “I decided to build a private, intimate workshop and studio. A place away from noise and disturbance, where I will feel natural, safe, and inspired. I set up the workshop with the help of my family and close friends. Setting up the workshop reminded me of birth, mainly because of the feelings of anticipation, great planning, support of my acquaintances, and the many blessings I received when it was introduced to the world. In hindsight, it was clear that the farm where I was born, facing the fields and the barn where we ran as children, is the perfect place to create my art.”

Artzi loves to host in the workshop ”The atmosphere in the workshop helps me ignite imagination, navigate memories and refine insights. Looking at my works will feel the air, the fields, the smells, and the feelings of freedom from which the work comes from. While I host the workshop – the guests feel a whole creative process in three stages. The process begins in the infinite spaces of the Moshav – the same spaces from which I was inspired, then they see the desk and my tools and finally experience the final creation. In a kind of pregnancy and childbirth process. ”